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    Native Collagen DNA

    Native Collagen DNA

    Size: 50 ml

    67,95 GBP

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    Collagen is a "protein of youth", which constitutes over 30% of the mass of human protein and up to 70% of skin proteins. Together with other components of the matrix, it forms elastic mesh in the dermis, which gives the skin its elasticity and firmness, binds water and provides the proper condition of the connective tissue. In other words, it is important for the condition of the entire organism. Its deficit (decrease in synthesis) is the main cause of the formation of wrinkles, which starts to occur at the age of 25.

    Native collagens are anti-aging products that, unlike thousands of creams, do not fight against the effects but strike at the cause of wrinkles. Their effectiveness is confirmed by the  research.


    It is a preparation with a strong anti-aging effect. It slows down the process of new wrinkles formation in time. Recommended for face, neck and cleavage. It is also perfect in the whole body care. It is a collagen enriched with active substances supporting and activating the natural processes of skin renewal. Stimulates cells for proper operation.

    Native Collagen DNA:

    • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and smoothes the skin

    • Tones and tightens the skin

    • Relieves the symptoms of inflammation of the skin

    • Nourishes and regenerates

    • Reduces the visibility of discolorations

    • Brightens the skin and gives it a shine

    Immediately after application, it smoothes and tightens the skin. For a lasting revitalizing effect, one must wait about 110 days of systematic use, this time is required for the organism to physiologically exchange the collagen structure in the skin. This process cannot be accelerated by more frequent applications or by applying larger amounts of the gel. Native Collagen DNA supplements the skin with the "protein of youth", gradually and non-invasively, without the need for injection.

    Nucleic acid DNA + RNA (native) / Salmon leek extract

    They start  the replication of the skin's structure, activate cells, work strongly against oxidation and protect against reactive oxygen species. The DNA and RNA acids are a filter for toxins, protecting the cellular system. They improve circulation, and thus oxygenate cells and improve lipid metabolism.


    occurs in the human genetic code. Stimulates DNA repair processes, protects against UV rays and free radicals, reduces excessive pigmentation. Activates fibroblasts and stimulates collagen production.

    SOD (superoxide dismutase)

    is an elite cosmetic component. It protects the body from oxidative stress and premature aging of tissues. Naturally relieves the effects of the passage of time and slows down the processes of wrinkle formation.

    GHK-Cu copper peptide

    naturally occurring peptide stimulating the functioning of stem cells. It increases the production of collagen in the skin, prevents photo-aging, improves elasticity and evens skin tone. Supports the reduction of wrinkles, increases the skin density and thickness. It is non-toxic and does not irritate the skin.

    Extract from rose placenta

    improves tissue metabolism, regenerates tired and aging skin. Has a strong moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effect. It helps to reduce the amount of melanin produced by the skin, thanks to which the skin becomes lighter and regains a more even colour.

    INC:IAqua, Fish Collagen, (Salmon) Milt Extract, Rosa Damascena Phytoplacenta Culture Extract, Kinetin, Caprylyl Glycol, Copper Tripeptide-1, Superoxide Dismutase.

    Directions for use: Apply to clean and damp skin. The best absorbability of biologically active collagen peptides is obtained by gentle patting of the gel. We recommend the use of collagen on the face, neck and shoulders preferably 2 times a day, every day. The effect of skin tension is noticeable after just a few minutes.

    Recommendations: The skin will absorb as much collagen as it needs. If a dried gel layer remains on the skin, it means that too much has been applied.

    Comments: Do not use if you are allergic to fish protein (0.02% of the population). Intended for external use.

    Storage: Store in the dark place. Negative temperatures can cause the substance to expand and the packaging to break.

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